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Anonymous: There's a couple of condom posts going around tumblr and I was wondering what your input about them would be. One is "never let a guy tell you a condom doesn't fit because he's lying" and they then proceed to stretch a condom over their foot or like down their arm. Then there's the post that says that it is true that sometimes condoms don't actually fit and that it can even be painful to wear a condom that's too small (which I think is a very valid point). Thoughts? Comments?


Not all condoms fit all people. This is true. Most condoms fit MOST people. Length is not generally the problem when it comes to “too small” so much as girth.

The posts where they’re stretching it across their forearms and stuff does illustrate how stretched out it can get, but it also doesn’t do much in the way of explaining how uncomfortable having something tight at the base of your erect penis might feel while trying to participate in sexy sexy time. So, yes, the condom may technically “fit” but it may not be very comfortable.

I have jeans that “fit” but I can’t fucking move in them, you know?

If a condom feels uncomfortable it’s a pretty good indication that something is on wrong or weird. You might have it on inside out for example. Or there is a lube or spermicide on it that is irritating to your skin. (Which can make it feel itchy, tight and uncomfortable.)

Our recommendation is always to try different kinds until you find one that works for you. It’s why there are so many brands and styles: there is no ONE CONDOM TO RULE THEM ALL.

Buy a variety pack and see which ones get the motion in your ocean going.


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